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What to expect when selling your home

Sell my home in florida

Selling your home can be nerve wracking. You probably have a million questions and hopefully we can help answer some of them below!

WHAT'S MY FIRST STEP - Calling us, of course! We can schedule an appointment to come

out and view your home and explain how everything happens. 


COMPARATIVE MARKET ANALYSIS - Usually shortened to "CMA", it's what we do to get a value of what your home should be worth. We come out to your home to get all of the details about it. Then we start our research on what other homes have sold for lately that are like yours. Of course everyone's home is different so we take into account those details as well. Then we give you a detailed beautiful summary of all of our research and go over the suggested price and how we got to that price. It is YOUR home though so even though it's a suggested price, the list price is always your choice. That CMA is yours to keep, even if you decide we aren't the best fit for you.


LISTING YOUR HOME - If you decide to allow us to list your home, we sign a contract giving us permission to list your property. Then we market your property and get buyers to come see how wonderful it is! We put your home on our MLS system for all agents to see, it goes to all of the home selling platforms (think Zillow, Trulia, etc),we market on social media and we also market to any of our buyers that your home fits for!



HOW MUCH DO YOU CHARGE - There are no initial costs for you to list your home with us! We pay for photography, marketing, open houses, signage and showing your home. The only time you pay is when we have actually secured a buyer for your home and get you to the closing table. Then our commission comes out of the proceeds of the sale of your home. Commission is always negotiable and it's designed to fit everyone's needs. 




WHAT DO YOU DO - Sit back, relax and let us do the work! During the listing, we show your home to our buyers and also collaborate with other agents to show the home to qualified buyers they may have. We make sure the buyers are

pre-approved with a lender first. A person will never enter your home without a licensed real estate agent with them. We ensure safety and use precautions every time to give you peace of mind. When a buyer makes an offer on your home we negotiate to get the best deal for you and explain every offer fully so you know exactly what is going on. Once it's under contract we schedule inspections and appraisals and any other necessary items that need to happen to get the deal done. We take care of every step along the way!



WHY SHOULD I USE AN AGENT - Real estate agents have the knowledge and expertise to effectively market your home. We are up to date on market conditions and sales prices of homes in your area. We have a multitude of buyers and always make sure they are qualified. We truly do have your best interest in mind. 

For Sale By Owners typically sell for significantly less than those similar homes sold 

by real estate agents.

If we can help at all, even with only questions please feel free to reach out to us. We are more than happy to explain any part of the process and answer any question you may have!

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